About Me

I own a mechanical typewriter. Yep. I don’t hate old technology, I love it just as much as the new stuff. My typewriter is a beautiful, vintage, portable Royal. The type great novels were once written on. I’ll get a picture up once it’s out of storage. It’s in beautiful condition and fully functional. Nothing sounds or feels like it does. I had it restored by the last typewriter repairman in the city of San Francisco. That was once considered a good, stable job.

That says a lot about me. I know we all live in an iPhone world, but that doesn’t mean that the devices that got us here are without value.

Unfortunately, I think a lot of people feel like that typewriter repairman. That the electronic world is whizzing by and your business is not reaping the rewards. I can help with that. You don’t have to know how it works, but I’ll tell you if you really want to know. Honestly, let me worry about that stuff. I will let you know what you need to know to get you online, get your network running smoothly and make you feel better about that computer on your desk that you regularly want to shove off the end. I can do that. Really.

I’ve been playing with computers since I was in first or second grade. I don’t remember exactly, but it was when my school got new Commodore Pet computers. That was a long time ago. I’ve never stopped. I worked in the computer lab when we upgraded to Commodore 64s. I word processed on an Osborne. I saved my babysitting money and bought a TRS 80 when it was the peak of home computing power.

If you’re my typical client, that’s alphabet soup and you could care less. The point is that I REALLY LIKE computers. All that stuff you hate about using computers? I love it. I love playing with them, I love fixing them and I really love networking them.

Believe it or not, I took a side trip to get my Masters in Elementary Education at the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!). That’s an important piece, too. I’m not the aloof, difficult to understand computer guy (let’s be honest, they’re almost all guys) that wants nothing more than to be left alone in your server closet. I know those guys. They’re great, and they’re what makes the Internet work. Really. But you don’t need them in your office making your desktops run smoothly and talk to your server.

You need me.

I also do websites. I’m a huge fan of Joomla and WordPress: open source technologies that put the content in your control once I’ve built the site for you. Do you really want to have to call (and pay) me every time you change your hours? I didn’t think so. You’ll be perfectly confident and able to do it yourself once I show you how. It really isn’t that hard.