About This Site

This site is done in WordPress, one of those cool technologies I mentioned on my welcome page.

I used to write exactly what template I was using, etc., but I’ve been changing it a lot, so I’ll just let all the stuff in at the bottom of the page (the footer) speak for itself.

I build websites, and I can make a functioning website out of an image of what you want, but I will never claim to be a designer. A designer is a person with a certain set of artistic skills that I just don’t have. That said, there are a lot of REALLY badly designed websites out there. I have enough experience to recognize them and steer you away.

There are also a lot of really well designed website templates for WordPress available for free. I can customize them to your whim. Why start from scratch when someone has done the foundational work and is willing to share it? That said, they should be acknowledged and donated to whenever possible.