A lot of what I do is about trust.

You probably don’t know how your computer systems actually function, so you’re trusting me to give you good advice.

You’re trusting me to fix things that you may not even think are broken.

You’re trusting me with the information at the heart of your business.

And you’re trusting me with your passwords. Yep. If you hire me to fix your client computers, upgrade your server and optimize your network, you are trusting me with the ability to wipe it all out with a few keystrokes.

I don’t say that to be threatening, I say it because it has to be the foundation of what I do. I realize it’s the foundation of any business relationship, like with your accountant, for example. You need to trust that the person handling your money is doing it fairly, isn’t skimming, cutting corners or getting you in trouble with the IRS.

I can wipe everything your accountant does away along with every other piece of information on your network.

But so can anyone you hire to do this kind of work or someone who gets the right kind of virus on to any one of your computers. You have to trust your tech person with the beating electronic heart of your business. Keep that in mind when you hire a technology worker.

Keep that in mind, and contact me. I can put you in touch with my clients who have done just what I have said: they handed over the keys to the kingdom and trusted me to keep it in good shape. They have trusted me with their most precious business posessions: data and identity.

Give me a chance to earn your trust the way I have theirs.