My email address is simply the word “email” (minus the quotes) followed by the cute little “@” symbol followed by my domain name, which is at the top and is just my full name minus any spaces and followed by a “.com”.

If you want to know why I don’t just give it to you, I’ve posted an explanation below. Just so you know, these do not work to get a hold of me for the exact reasons I explain.

Maybe you know this and maybe you don’t, but if you put your e-mail on your website like this:

[email protected]

These wicked things called “Bots” (short for Robots) will scan your site and give that address to spammers. Obnoxious, huh?

Even a form like this:



Can be harvested. Evil critters, aren’t they?

People use a lot of different methods now. There are programming options such as “hashing” or “munging” (which is a way of scrambling the address to computers but making it readable by people) or posting the address as a picture that doesn’t actually link to the address since bots can’t “see” pictures. There’s also a variety of things like:
[email protected]
which require you to copy and paste or edit the address once it pops up in your email program.

None of these options are great, but it is all part of the never ending war against Spam.