I’m adding this service because so many people have asked for it.

Many of my clients, after I’ve fixed their computer, updated their network or built their website, want to talk about what’s next. That is totally understandable from a business standpoint, and honestly quite smart.

More and more I’m having conversations about Cloud Services, Android and iPhone integration, Customer Relationship Managers (CRMs), database systems, and more. Some of the things we’ve talked about are simple to implement. Others I would recommend another vendor.

Again, it comes down to trust. Who do you trust more? The person you’ve already given your network and email passwords to who has proven reliable, or the sales person on the phone trying to sell you just one product?

Even if I’m not the person providing the eventual service, I can help you navigate the issues, ask the right questions and help you understand it all yourself.

I look forward to hearing from you!