Please take a moment to look at the sites I’ve created with my clients. The links open new windows.

I’ll admit that this is a short list because mostly I handle back-end stuff like software and database maintenance, updates and optimization. Those sites are designed and built by others, but tested, secured and optimized by me. As such, I don’t consider them “my” sites and don’t link to them here.

Goose Hollow Flowers is run by a close friend who did the flowers for my wedding. She does incredible work. So incredible that as of writing this, the site is unfinished because she is too busy to provide me with content to finish it! Her arrangements are breathtaking and unique. I highly recommend her as a florist, and hopefully we’ll have the site finished soon. We worked together to pick an effective theme, which we purchased, but then used her chosen colors and artistic eye to build the site itself.

Zim Zim Department Store is a shop filled with fun, eclectic gifts, many of them locally made in Portland. I hope you can drop in, but in the mean time, check out her site. We realized that her update efforts really went into Facebook, so why bother doubling her work to re-post on her website? The site is a simple frame for her Facebook content using a WordPress Template, plus location, reviews and contact information. The art work was inspired by a 1960’s Japanese Bar matchbook cover, and created by Deb Minkler of Deb Designs, Deb Draws.

I have taken this site through two revisions. First, from a site built using Front Page over a decade ago to a simple, HTML site that improved navigation and looked modern, but still worked as a portal to their online inventory and PDFs about the products they sell. Wilco Supply realized they wanted more, so I converted it into a WordPress site so it has a lot more options. The art direction was totally by the client.