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Twitter? Really?

O.K. We’ve all heard a lot about “Social Networking” websites and technology. It’s really cool. I’m on Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends. I’m on LinkedIn to keep track of professional contacts. But I’ve given up on Twitter, and here’s why. First, I just don’t have that much to say all the […]

Why Internet with me?

Check out my different pitches. I can work with anyone from a total newbie to experienced internet professionals. I’m going to try to write one for all the different services I offer, but I can really do just about anything when it comes to the internet. My basic principal is Function First. If your website […]

Bulk Email

Email has been my specialty for years. I am acustomed to managing legitimate (non-spam) bulk email servers. Email netiquette is my bailywick. Let me put you in touch with all the people you want to reach without irritating them or getting dumped into a spam folder.

“Connected but hassled”? Heard this on NPR. If the phrase “connected but hassled” sounds like you, I’m your tech guy. I will “internet” for you. I can teach you how to do the stuff you just have to do, and not have to worrry about the rest of it.

Sellwood Regional Network

Sellwood should be a digitally as well as geographically associated. There needs to be a site that connnects our businesses as a digital community as well as a geographical one. I will bill you a fair amount of money for the services I provide and you will support a decent guy in your neighborhood who […]